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It seems to me to be a accuracy radiometric dating that water and gas will enter rocks through tiny cracks and invalidate almost all radiometric ages. Some animals are indigenous only to the Mesopotamian area. When this happens it is obvious, so accurate counting is not a problem. Furthermore, radiocarbon ages of speleothems are deceptive, because the carbon incorporated in the speleothem minerals is out of equilibrium with the atmospheric carbon. There are more than a million varves in some parts of the formation. An ancient waterway, described in the Bible, has been located and radiocarbon-dated to around BC 1. There are about two dozen decay pairs used for dating. Pro is correct when he asserts there are different methods of decay. Report this Argument Con All thanks goes to Pro for a robust debate!

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Next let us go to the famous accuracy radiometric dating island of Maui!! Rapid reversals during the flood year and fluctuations shortly after would have caused the field energy to drop even faster. Furthermore, the question arises whether bentonite always gives correlated ages, and whether these ages always agree with the accepted ages for their geologic period. Measurement of 14 C in historically dated objects e. Using highly sophisticated techniques for establishing dates through the decay rate of radioactive carbon, the scientists have pinned down the time of a disputed moment in history, recorded in the Bible, when a Pharaoh now known as Shoshenq I invaded Jerusalem. But it's not evident how much support this gives to radiometric dating.

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All Snelling is doing is using language in which that particular audience would understand. Con quotes one article from in which a scientist says he throws away data he doesn't like. You may not be able to determine this fact from our English translations, so we will look at the original Hebrew, which is the word of God. It is certainly incorrect, and it is certainly based on wrong assumptions, but it is not inaccurate. Systems were closed or isolated so that no parent or daughter isotopes were lost or added. Archived from the original on 31 March This would make things look much older than they really are when current rates of decay are applied to dating. The atheistic evolutionist W. They could simply have flown to a nearby accuracy radiometric dating range. Multiple independent evidences confirm an ancient earth, including 40 different methods of radiometric dating and numerous non-radiometric measurements: A large excess was reported in D. Carbon is the most commonly used isotope for dating organic material plants, animals.

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Some nuclides are inherently unstable. He wrote the following in Hermeneutics, Inerrancy, and the Bible:. Let's look at the actual Genesis flood passage to determine if it can be interpreted from a local viewpoint. Radiometric dating is also used to date archaeological materials, including ancient artifacts. A great flood would produce a sample of only one climate condition, when the flood occurred. But it's not evident how much support this gives to radiometric dating. Are the radii in the rocks constant in size or are there variable sizes? Dating methods based on extinct radionuclides can also be calibrated with the U-Pb method to give absolute ages. The problem is well known. If a rock dates too old, one can say that the accuracy radiometric dating did not get reset. Entirely apart from any findings of modern science or challenges of contemporary scientism, the twenty-four hour theory was never correct and should never have been believed—except by those who are bent on proving the presence of genuine contradictions in Scripture…Who can calculate the large numbers of college students who have turned away from the Bible altogether by the false impression that it bounds the conscience of the believer to the hour Day theory?

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The reason we know that radiometric dating works so well is because we can use several different accuracy radiometric dating systems for example, Uranium-Lead, Lutetium-Halfnium, Potassium-Argon on the same rock, and they all come up with the same age. So a rock can get a very old radiometric age just by having average amounts of potassium and argon. This is the most common form of uranium. This shows that one might get radiometric ages of at least 50 million years in this way by absorbing Ar40 deep in the earth without much Ar36 or Ar38 present. Digging into the soil buried by a lava flow they find charcoalized vegetation roots for radiocarbon dating.

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I believe that bentonite occurs in a number of formations of different geologic periods, so this could be checked. The accuracy radiometric dating content of the sample has to be known, but that can be determined by placing a plastic film over the polished slice of the material, and bombarding it with slow neutrons. A very common rock that contains U is granite. John Collins, Science and Faith:

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The evidence refutes recent claims by other researchers who insist that the biblical monarchs were merely mythic characters, created by scholars and scribes of antiquity who made up the tales accuracy radiometric dating after the events to buttress their own morality lessons. If "earth" really refers to the planet, this text would imply that the ark somehow levitated above the planet. Dating methods based on extinct radionuclides can also be calibrated with the U-Pb method to give absolute ages. One technique is to rely on feldspars formed only at very high temperatures. Hugh Ross, The Genesis Question:

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The fact that the only "valid" K-Ar isochrons are those for which the concentration of non-radiogenic accuracy radiometric dating Ar36 is constant, seems very unusual. Total 14 C is also proportionately lowered at this time, but whereas no terrestrial process generates any more 12 C, 14 C is continually being produced, and at a rate which does not depend on carbon levels it comes from nitrogen. We now consider whether they can explain the observed dates.

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This will cause them to retain argon and appear too accuracy radiometric dating. Supplied by Creation Ministries International. Igneous rocks are particularly suited to K-Ar dating. If we eliminate the uniformitarian philosophy we can see that it makes the assumption of tree rings difficult to prove. This would make them appear old.

The arguments are akin to claiming that a wristwatch cannot be used to measure time, because sometimes the battery fails or the display is misread. The amount of cosmic rays reaching the Earth varies with the sun's activity, and with the Earth's accuracy radiometric dating through magnetic clouds as the solar system travels around the Milky Way galaxy. Testing radiometric dating methods If the long-age dating techniques were really objective means of finding the ages of rocks, they should work in situations where we know the age. Now, argon is very soluble in magma, which can hold a lot of it:

In reality, none of these dating methods are independent, because they are all dependent on uniformitarianism. It has been suggested that the Mosaic genealogies are perhaps only 20 to 40 percent complete. In a single rock there may be mutually contaminating, potassium- bearing minerals.

Why older dates would be found lower in the geologic column especially for K-Ar dating Back to top In general, potassium-argon dates appear to be older the deeper one goes in the accuracy radiometric dating of the earth. Consequently, individual years can be identified by season, so there is no possibility of layers being confused. A higher ratio means an older age. The problem is well known. They have climbed all over the volcano and obtained carbonized vegetation root samples for radiometric dating.